What We Do

What We Do

We facilitate the professional integration of dual-career spouses/partners.

Founded in 2011, we are active in 14 Locations across the world !

Our Mission and Values

At the International Dual Career Network (IDCN), we understand that each move (local and ex-pat) is crucial when a dual-career couple is involved. We know how important it is for a partner/spouse to feel settled. To find a professional activity in a new country, or a new job market, it is vital to hold a professional network to find the right professional opportunity. That’s why we take pride in facilitating the professional integration of the dual-career partner.

Our Story in 2023

Success At a Glance

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For Corporates

How We Add Value

Employer Branding

Recognition as dual-career friendly & Improving support to International employees

Talent Pool

Privileged access to a highly qualified, untapped talent pool

Support Service

Cost-effective professional integration support for partners

Low Administration Work

IDCN Center of Expertise fully supports and trains local volunteers & the IDCN Volunteer Committee handles events and other activities

For Employee's Spouses / Partners

How We Add Value

Increased Awareness

Of the local job markets

Network Building

From events and member interactions


From partner members and volunteers

Volunteering Opportunities

- Professional & Personal development
- Tactics for professional integration
- Workshops, webinars, events, presentations
- Benefit from a network of Partner Members
- Mentoring
- Location-specific LinkedIn groups
- Develop new skills
- Maintain professional development and engagement
- Boost profile with Corporate Members

We are active in 14 locations across the world.

Explore IDCN in each of these regions.


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* If your Corporate is already a member of IDCN, Global or Local, please do not register here. Please contact us when in doubt.

Employee's Spouses/Partners Memberships

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IDCN Activities

Our locally organized events are a great source of learning about the local market and recruitment process, plus accumulating many vital skills for job seekers. The events provide a fantastic opportunity to build a professional network. They also allow meeting other spouses/partners to network with like-minded people and possibly make life-long connections.

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