About IDCN

The International Dual Career Network

IDCN is a global Non-Profit Association of companies, NGOs, and academic institutions in different locations.

At present, IDCN is active in 14 different locations, and IDCN is looking forward to launching many more IDCN locations in various countries across the world to have great local networks.IDCN was first launched locally in the Lake Geneva region in 2011 (pilot) by Nestlé, Philip Morris International, Ernst & Young, and the Vaud Chamber of Commerce (CVCI).

IDCN is an association of multinational and local organizations that aim to support the professional integration of employee partners and spouses by hosting a variety of professional and social networking events, both locally and globally.

By leveraging the talent available through dual-career partners and spouses, the IDCN emphasizes the importance of fulfilling organizational responsibilities towards inclusion, diversity, corporate social responsibility, environmental, social, and governance (ESG) standards, as well as sustainability initiatives.

IDCN expanded globally in 2012, driven by Nestlé, Philip Morris International, EY, L’Oréal, and Cargill. IDCN is now present in 12 different countries and 14 different cities  worldwide. At present, IDCN has 15 Global memberships and 105 Local memberships throughout the world.

We are actively working on launching new IDCN locations and adding more Corporates Members to our existing locations.

meet the team

IDCN Executive Board

The IDCN is managed by a Global Executive Board composed of four to eight members, which shall be the representatives of the corporate Members appointed by the General Assembly for a term of two years (renewable). Such representatives are generally in charge of mobility, recruitment or diversity in the human resources department of the Corpoarte Member (or one of its affiliates).

Mark de Vos
Senior International Mobility Consultant
University of Copenhagen
Mary Kagendo Kobia
International Mobility Consultant
University of Copenhagen
Louise Barrelet
IDCN Compliance Officer
Head of Global Mobility
Vinciane Istace
IDCN Permanent Guest
Communication and PR Partner

Rosemary Barber Lanch
IDCN Board Member
Vice President, Global Mobility
Claudia Palm
IDCN Board member
Office Manager
Alcon HQ
Thai-An Truong
Group International Mobility Director
Laetitia Jardry
International Mobility Director

meet the team

IDCN Centre of Expertise (CoE)

There are two members in the CoE team who provide all support to different Locations, Corporates and local Volunteers.

Shivani Bhardawaj
IDCN Global Program Director
Cesar Rodriguez
IDCN Finance Manager

Our Corporate Members at a glance

*Corporate Membership last updated Jun 2024, subject to change

What our Corporate Members say

At CERN, the integration into the region of the family as a whole is a point of attention. We are aware that their well-being while relocating to a new area greatly influences that of our internationally recruited staff, too. We have put in place several measures and structures to support the social and professional integration of our employees’ partners. In that respect IDCN provides a wonderful platform outside our organization for them to widen their horizon and develop their professional network, which is often a very important – if not the most important - first step of integration for them.

What our Employee Partners say

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