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Frequently Asked Questions

Any organization (a company, an international organization, a non-governmental organization, or any other local oranization)  looking to provide dual career support to its Employees Spouses and Partners.

Based on your geographical spread, you can pick from 2 types of membership: Local IDCN Membership and Global IDCN Membership. More information on how to join us in our page-  Corporate Memberships. Please contact us for any further information.

There are 3 types of contributions:

1) Financial Contribution based on Membership type:

  • Local membership fee: CHF 1,300 or EURO 1,333 /location for 1-year membership (e.g.: you may choose 1 or more locations to become member)
  • Global membership fee: CHF 6,500 or EURO 6,666 for 1 year membership – this case you can access any/all locations you wish

2) Human Resource needs

Local membership

  • The key contact of your company to attend 2-3 IDCN Local Corporate Steering Committee meetings per year (happens every half year and the duration is 1 to 2 hours – varies by location)
  • Organize and coordinate 1 IDCN event at your company (1 event per every 2 years minimum) – IDCN Partner Committee is an extra resource to organize events
  • Send recruiters/organization representative to IDCN network events hosted by other companies (4-8 events per year depending on location)

Global Membership

  • Human Resources needs are the same at every location you join
  • If you consider participation on the Executive Board:  1 day meeting per year,  3 virtual meetings per year (1,5 hours/call)

3) Other

  • Meeting room and catering for IDCN event covered by host member

IDCN has benefits locally and also globally. The benefits in general are categorized in 4 areas:
1. Dual Career support for employees’ spouses /partners
2. Local & International Talent Recruitment
3. Employer branding and positioning as Dual Career friendly company
4. Mental health, happiness, professional & social integration of employee partners/spouses.

After the organization has formally joined the IDCN association, we encourage the use of the following channels to communicate the IDCN opportunity (templates are available in a ready-to-use format from the Centre of Expertise):

  • IDCN Awareness Sessions
  • Intranet page for IDCN
  • Internal brochures to Employees
  • Partner welcome package/sessions

Depending on the locations there are around 50 to 400 partners registered in the IDCN. Every partner is notified about the events. (4 to 8 events per location means 4 to 8 communications reach the spouses and partners). The events usually host between 30-150 people plus HR professionals

IDCN attracts many different profiles and recruiters are often very surprised at the high level talent pool of dual career spouses and partners. And to know about each Location, please contact us. 

WHO can join the IDCN?

The spouses/partners of employees of IDCN corporate members can join the IDCN. 

HOW can I join the IDCN?

Join the IDCN by submitting your interest at clearly mentioning the location and company for which your spouse/partner is working.

Each spouse & patner will register their profile with us through the Talent Management Platform(TMP).  If you are a spouse/partner of our existing Corporate Member, please register with us at: 

The information given to us during the registration process or events is only shared with our Corporate Members. We do not sell or provide your data to 3rd party members. To know more, please read our GDPR policy.

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