IDCN in Basel-Zurich was launched in January 2020 to support multinational and local companies to provide dual career support to their employees’ spouses and partners. 

IDCN in Basel-Zurich was created in January, 2020 with the merger of two former chapters, IDCN Zurich, first established in 2012 and IDCN Basel, established in 2016.  The merged chapter with its expanded membership base offers  a rich event calendar and increased networking opportunities.

These companies host different events to connect partners, such events are:

  • CV clinic
  • Interview clinic
  • Workshops for self-employers
  • Volunteer programs informative sessions

The benefits for companies who join IDCN are:

  • Increase top talents mobility with professional support
  • Cost effective recruitment of a highly experienced talent
  • Support & retain dual career couples
  • Share best practices between companies

Benefits for Corporate members are:

  • Partner employment accelerates family integration and culture adaptability
  • Removes partner mobility barriers
  • Improved employee engagement
Employees’ Spouses & Partners

If your spouse/partner’s company is a member of IDCN and you are interested in becoming a member, simply register here:  Make sure to select ‘Basel-Zurich’ as the IDCN location you want to join and please specify your spouse/partner’s company and work email address during the registration process with us.

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IDCN Basel - Zurich Corporate Members

Bayer, Colgate Palmolive, DSM,, FMI, LafargeHolcim, Lonza, Medair, Novartis, PSI, Roche, University Basel, University of Zurich


IDCN is a volunteer organization. And there are several benefits to becoming an IDCN volunteer such as gaining higher visibility to Corporate members and getting a real professional experience. Full onboarding, training and support will be provided to the Volunteers by IDCN CoE.

Volunteering is easy! Contact us for more information.

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